Holistic Medicine

What is holistic medicine?

According to American Cancer Organization holistic medicine history was based to study and research of Socrates promoted holistic approach to every doctors and practitioners. Holism campaign was made by Plato. Hippocrates also emphasized the natural healing of the body and forbid to interfere through other medication. Jan Christian Smuts give the term “holism” which today is holistic medicine. WebMD describes holistic medicine as a healing process of the whole body including body, mind, soul and spirit. Holistic medicine practitioner believes that a person is made up of interdependent parts which only one parts may not function caused life imbalance.

Under medication alone may not give proper healing to a sick person but involve lifestyle modification. Practitioners has variety treatment method to help patients taking its responsibility for own well-being and optimal health. It includes:

·         Education on lifestyle changes and promotes wellness. Includes proper diet, healthy exercise, psychotherapy, relationship and spiritual counseling.

·         Alternative therapies such as homeopathy, massage therapy, naturopathy and acupuncture.

·         Medications and surgical procedures.

Holistic medicine approach treats not only the disease but also the whole aspect of life. Imbalances in life take over when body, mind, soul and spirit do not work perfectly. Likely, holistic to others means treating the whole person not only the illness. Holistic method is not for medication imbalances but a standard for preventing and treatment care for each individual.

Holistic medicine is a diverse subject. May include emotional and spiritual care but to others it is focus on physical exclusion. It includes supplements to try to conventional changes from drugs. A study reflects that the balance and healthy life and habits help improve person’s energy and vitality. Good habit such exercise, enough and proper diet, adequate sleep, healthy recreation, practice compassion and love.  Holistic drives out the wholeness of a person, its total health outside and inner life.

This holistic medicine approaches health and disease. Others suggest that taking supplemental like botanical and using other therapy such as art therapy, hypnosis, imagery, meditation, psychotherapy, spiritual activities and prayer even yoga. Combining such therapies and supplements can help people control their situation and achieve the total wellness includes spiritually, mentally and physically.

Healthy life based on the total wellness of the body. Every part work and function well. Imbalances are possible to reach when one part may damage. In some case, doctors, nurses and other professionals add these complementary natural way for treating some illness and diseases. A good outlook and positivism reflects good image in such holistic medicine. This is called holistic care or some called it, as an integrative care.

Our body has the capacity upon to its recovery. Being healthy inside has a great effect in our life. It brings total vigorous and healthy life. Developing our health start in to the beneath surface of our inner self. Holistic medication is use to cure some illness yet it is a great aid in preventing life imbalances. Body, mind and soul has a great connections to work as a team and must not be interfered for it is a part of holistic care.


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